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The Urban Condition

Posted in Exhibitions by ps31 on May 14, 2011

In “The Urban Condition” (May 19th – Jun 5th, 2011) three artists explore the contradictions and paradoxes of living in a city constantly transforming because of technology, struggling with issues of class and exploitation and yet continuing to hope for something better, as the folklore they grew up on had promised.

Amber Hammad’s work explores how the virtual world, conjured for us by means of modern technology compares to the gritty reality that is also a product of the destructive potential of technology – both experiences invariably inform the ‘hybrids’ we have become.  Saba Khan reflects on the irony of a craftperson’s predicament who helps manufacture commodities that s/he will never use her/himself.  In the wake of this criticality, Sana Arjumand invokes belief in divine help that she grew up on, of “noor” and “farishtey” who are said to come to one’s assistance in times of crisis.

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Sana Arjumand. In the Playground: Nurture 2010. Acrylic and oil on canvas. 3ft by 4 ft.

Sana Arjumand. In the Playground: Dialogue (2011).  Acrylic and oil on canvas. 4 ft by 3 ft. red dot

Sana Arjumand. In the Playground: Voyage (2011). Acrylic and oil on canvas. 4 ft by 4 ft.

 Saba Khan. Big City (2010).  Rhinestones, sequins, thread on velvet. 38″ by 53″.

Saba Khan. More Prosperity (2010). Thread and buttons on fabric. 60″ by 58″.

Saba Khan. The Party Generator (2010). Sequins, plastic flowers, applique, thread on fabric. 60″ by 58″. red dot

 Amber Hammad. Half-life News. Digital print on canvas (ed 1 of 3)

Amber Hammad. Modern warfare. Digital print on canvas (ed 1 of 3)

Amber Hammad. Teken-me. Digital print on canvas (ed 2 of 3)