Poppy Seed

Urdu Reading Group

Posted in Alternative happenings by ps31 on July 10, 2011

Every other Sunday, eminent writer Asif Farrukhi leads an Urdu reading group at Poppy Seed.  In the wake of the Framing the Local Context series of talks, many of us (20 and 30 somethings) felt we needed and wanted to learn more about Urdu fiction and didn’t even know where to begin.  Asif Farrukhi, who had been one of the speakers at the talks, offered to be the torch bearer to allow facilitated access.  We are also regularly joined by Sheema Kirmani and Asma Mundrawala who are so well-versed in Urdu literature and this makes discussions became much more multifaceted and interesting.  Less regular but prominent visitors are Tanvir Anjum and Afzal Ahmed Syed.

The group has met with several guest readers, such as Omar Memon, Fehmida Riaz, Zehra Nigah, Amar Mehboob and also made a trip to Mr. Lutfullah’s residence where he shared with us some recordings of writers like Ismat Chughtai reading their own work.