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The Fifth Season (Aug 7th – 21st, 2010)

Posted in Exhibitions by ps31 on August 8, 2010

Known to most as an illustrator for the most widely read English Daily, The Dawn, Khuda Bux Abro (b. 1957) shares through his Fine Art practice, his Fifth Season, his inner element, the “season of the heart”.  His current solo exhibition is based on calligraphy, paintings and digitally manipulated compositions of his photography.

Having been a “katib” – scribe – for some Sindhi books before getting his Bachelors in Design from the National College of Art, Abro gave up calligraphy when it became a symbol of state-sponsored Islam during the reign of General Zia.  He now returns to it, twenty years hence, venerating the verses of Ghalib as just as enlightening as any religious text.

The exhibition continues until August 21st, 2010.

Ghalib: Bekhudi. Mixed media on paper, 12″ x 7″. red dot

Ghalib: Matam.  Mixed Media on paper. 10.5”X13.5”.

Ghalib: Matam II. Mixed Media on paper, 12”X9”. red dot

Ghalib: Sooratein. Mixed Media on paper, 10”X7.25”.

Ghalib: Khama Khunchukan. Mixed Media on paper, 10.5”X13.5”.

Ghalib: Daam-e-Khayal. Mixed Media on paper, 7.25”X10”.

Ghalib: Insan.  Mixed Media on paper, 7”X7”.

Ghalib: Gham.  Mixed Media on paper, 9.75”X9.75”.

Ghalib: Naveed-e-Amn.  Mixed Media on paper, 7.25”X10.5”.

Abr-e-Parwaz. Digital print on Canvas, 16” x 20.5”. red dot

Aks-e-Wujood 9.  Digital print on paper, 12”X16”.

Man To Shudam.  Digital print on Canvas, 15.5”X16”. red dot

Rang-e-Firaq (edition 2 of 2).  Digital print  on Canvas, 20”X15.5”.

Soorat-e-Pinhan. Acrylics on Canvas, 12”X36”. red dot

Firaq. Acrylics on Canvas, 12”X36”.

Aks-e-Wujood 4. Digital print on paper, 12”X12”.

Aks-e-Wujood 3. Digital print on paper,  12”X16”.

Raqs-e-Umeed. Digital print on Canvas, 12”X16.5”. red dot

Sarab. Digital print on Canvas, 12”X14.5”.

Shor-e-Khizan. Digital print on Canvas, 20”X15.5”.



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