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The Moving Image (Nov 19th-Dec 4th)

Posted in Exhibitions by ps31 on November 21, 2009

The Moving Image is a visual conversation between Roohi Ahmed, Munawar Ali Syed, Abdullah Syed, Farah Jamaluddin, Asad Hussain, Auj Khan and Irfan Hassan about the ways in which the media boom has transformed lived reality in urban Pakistan.  The artists exhibited here include those who work within the media industry and those who observe its products from the outside.

Curated around Jean Baudrillard’s ideas of hyperreality and simulacra, the works in the show critique the pervasive influence of the moving image in the lives of uncritical audiences.  The myth of objective reportage, the ever watchful gaze of the “well-informed” anchor and the particularity of network agendas in tailoring coverage are referenced here.  Other voices question the glamorous representations of the real world in entertainment programming, querying how these representations speak to the psyche of the usual consumer, informing her/his perceptions and expectations of life.  All said and done, they acknowledge the addictive potential of the medium that has the masses glued to their television screens at any given hour.

The show opens November 19th and continues to December 4th, from 10:30am to 7:30pm daily (excluding Sundays).

(click on each image for a larger view)

Irfan Hasan. Standby. Gouache and Screenprint on Vasli. 15.4” x 13” and 13” x 34”.

Irfan Hasan. Noise. Gouache on Vasli. 20” x 28”.

Roohi Ahmed. I-We. Installtion with Drip Stand, IV Drips, Drip Set and text.

I-We (detail)

I-We (detail)

Farah Jamaluddin. “Mera Moqaf” – My Agenda. Collage with painted Xerox paper and mirrors. Installation Dimensions Variable.

Munawar Ali Syed. Between the Black Boxes (a). Fiberglass, Wood and acrylic. 29.5” x 24.5”.

Munawar Ali Syed. Between the Black Boxes (b). Pen, ink and Paint on paper. 26” x 19.5”

Munawar Ali Syed. Between the Black Boxes (c). Fiber glass, Wood and acrylic. 28.5” x 24”.

Abdullah Syed. Trance-mission I-V. Electronic LED with painted aluminum and red diodes. Installation dimensions variable.

Abdullah Syed. This picture is not Static. Honey, Beeswax, permanent ink and emboss on Vasli. 20” x 17”.

This picture is not static (detail).

Abdullah Syed. Food for Thought.  Cast beeswax. Approx. 21” x 13.6” x 1.5”

Auj Khan. Noise II. Oil on Vinyl. 70″ x 55″.

Asad Hussain. Morphing. Charcoal, embroidery and pen on leather. Approx. 7.5 ft x 7.5 ft.

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  1. Luna said, on November 25, 2009 at 9:27 am

    Nice pictures

  2. Donna Waldron, M.Ed. said, on November 25, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    This is an extraordinary exhibit – intellectual, introspective, contemporary, and visually satisfying. Abdullah Syed – you rock! and to the rest you are fabulous! Donna

    • Abdullah Syed said, on November 26, 2009 at 1:03 pm

      Hey Donna, thanks for your kind words … The exhibition opening was fantastic … a well curated exhibition. I had an amazing time creating and installing works for it. A.S.

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